Additional Attractions – New For June 2017

It’s been a while since we posted any new attractions for visitors to consider on their Smoky Mountain getaway, so here’s a quick look at some we hadn’t already covered. These might turn into more developed entries to our site here in time, but for now we have these to introduce you to:

* Alcatraz East *
Fans of true crime and crime history will find much to enjoy at the Alcatraz Museum in downtown Pigeon Forge. This huge, 25,000 square foot museum offers permanent and temporary exhibits of true crime items, including O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco and Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle. There are copious group and children’s amenities along with interactive exhibits showcasing crime history all the way back to Medieval Europe, the process of fighting crime and more.


* Bear Country Fun Park *
Located in the south side of town, close to The Spur connecting Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge, Bear Country Fun Park is a family fun park with a convenient location owned by the same company that has The Track family fun park further up the parkway. Bear Country features a go-kart track, bumper boats, blaster boats, country carousel, arcade and more.

* Blake Jones Racing Center *
The fastest go-karts in Pigeon Forge! The Blake Jones Racing Center is located in downtown Pigeon Forge and any kids who can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and tear around the slick Figure 8 track the racing center offers, the indoor electric track or the bumper cars in the Spin Zone – or all of them in one go! The racing center is safe for kids and offers birthday party accommodations and more.

* The Escape Game in Pigeon Forge *
Interactive escape games made their way into the Tennessee Smokies between 2015 and 2016 and they add a brand new level of adventure to the attractions palette of our area! The Escape Game lets you roleplay in a thrilling escape scenario where you have to solve puzzles in order to progress and get out under a time limit. The Escape Game has “Gold Rush”, “The Heist”, “Prison Break” and “Classified” and is located at The Island.

* TopJump Trampoline Park *

Bring out your inner ninja, gymnast or saiyan with a visit to the TopJump Trampoline Park in downtown Pigeon Forge! This is the Smokies’ first trampoline park and it offers a lot of exciting athletic opportunities you can’t easily reproduce at home. There is a giant room with lots of trampolines, a “Clip ‘n’ Climb” climbing adventure, arcade, candy store for some additional energy (just don’t overdo it!) and more.


* HeadCase Escape Adventures *
Gatlinburg’s first escape game attraction is going to give you the fantasy escape experience you didn’t know you needed. Located on Historic Nature Trail road just a little ways from Stoplight #8 in Gatlinburg, this escape game lets you solve your way through scenarios where you need to use your brain to get out in under a certain time – such as an Aztec temple, a Wild West breakout, a rogue agent-finding scenario, Merlin’s secret chamber, a dark forest escape in “Goliath” and evading a biohazard terror in “Extinction”. Lots of imagination is at work and you’ll need to use a lot of yours to get through it!

* The Captured – A Live Escape Experience *
By now, you’ve seen that the Smokies have quite a bit to choose from in the “escape game” genre. The Captured is one of these with a little twist – instead of offering a bunch of different scenarios, the ones here follow a story where you get to explore the Craft family and their super dark habits. Each scenario is a different chapter of the story and it’s definitely the most horror you can get from an escape game in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.

* Sevier Air Trampoline Park *
Between Governor’s Crossing in Sevierville and Veteran’s Boulevard is one of the best ways to wear your kids (and self!) out for a good night’s sleep and have a ton of fun while doing it! The Sevier Air Trampoline Park offers pretty much everything you’d want to experience here – huge room with trampolines, ninja warrior training course, three-story net systems and much more spread all throughout the 38,000 square foot complex.

In our next post, we’ll introduce you to some new or newer restaurants in the Smokies as well. Enjoy!