WOW is the main word of choice for describing Wonderworks on the parkway between pigeon Forge and Sevierville. This is a major amusement facility where your brain, no matter how high or wild its intelligent strength is, will get one heck of a workout. Up is down, left is right, nothing is what it seems and yet everything is exactly how it should be in the naturally unnatural world.

B3-Wonders-of-Flight-over-WWonderworks Tennessee is a center of “edutainment”, where you and your kids or group can learn fascinating things about science and the way things work with some of the most incredible interactive exhibits you could ever imagine – and many you can’t without seeing them! The entire complex is 35,000+ square feet offering over 100 exhibits, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you and your family or group ended up spending the afternoon there.

Have you ever wanted to experience certain natural disasters without experiencing the danger it brings? Wonderworks gives you that opportunity! See what it’s like to stand against the wind force of a hurricane, sit inside the earthquake cafe in a recreation of the 5.3 magnitude “Quake of 1989”, stick your hand in a mesh steel armor glove and experience
100,000 volts of electricity through your fingers… it’s all safe and potentially scary stuff at the same time!

Want to personally challenge the laws of science with your body? You can make it happen at Wonderworks – just don’t expect to win each time you do! Lay down on a bed of nails and see how long you can withstand gravity lightly pressing you into 3,500 of them. Make art from head to toe with the 40,000 pin (and much softer) Wonder Wall or create bubbles bigger than basketballs at the Bubble Lab; or see if you’ve got what it takes to win a real live psychic duel at the Mindball Game. You’ve got so many options to choose from and that doesn’t even count the virtual sports games on hand.

Ever want to be an astronaut? You can test the metaphorical waters there too as you explore Wonderworks’ Space Zone with its interactive astronaut training emulations. You can get inside a life-size replica of an EVA suit or a life-size replica of the Mercury Capsule. You can practice your hand at landing a space shuttle in the same manner that NASA does (you might be surprised how difficult it can be). You can train like an astronaut in a 4-person gyroscope that will surely make lifelong memories for you and your group and there’s still more!

Last, but not least, WonderWorks is home to the Wonders of Flight balloon you sometimes see in the air from around the city of Pigeon Forge. The Wonders of Flight balloon is a professionally secured scenic balloon ride that can accommodate whole groups and event hold wedding ceremonies – giving everyone on board 7-15 minutes (depending on wind conditions) 360 degrees of the highest views you can get for miles around!

So many things to do, so little space to write about them. See more at www.wonderworkstn.com and www.wondersofflight.com.